Just think that some people even use their hands as an electrode!

Confusion and lack of information about operator safety has caused many physiotherapists and manufacturers to lose sight of common sense.

Let’s start with the simple things and go back to using common sense.

Allowing the current to run through the physiotherapist’s body is certainly not advisable or something to be actively sought after. But let’s not generalise. When the operator touches the patient during treatment, a small amount of energy comes into contact with the physiotherapist. These currents are generally negligible with respect to the energy involved and attempting to do away with even this type of dose for the operator is a safety excess worthy of respect. At the other extreme, some physiotherapists use their hands as an electrode.

This practice began with intravaginal treatments. The physiotherapist’s hand touches the electrode while the fingers touch the area to be treated, transferring the energy. Given the particular nature of the area to be treated and the fact that, even today, there are no handpieces and electrodes for this particular practice, the first people to try out this approach used their ingenuity and creativity to introduce it to the field of gynaecological and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

However, using bracelets or adhesive plates to allow huge quantities of energy to pass through the physiotherapist’s body is a very different matter. There are numerous accessories available for obtaining the same therapeutic result.

This kind of exposure is unnecessary and unjustified, open to extensive criticism and represents a commercial gimmick.

So as to keep this information as accurate as possible, it should be clarified that the electromagnetic field to which physiotherapists are exposed during normal use of tecar therapy (without bracelets or similar items) comes from the current that passes through the cables.

Because of this, we do not advise running the cable behind your neck when carrying out treatments. We also recommend keeping the plate and electrode cables as close together as possible so as to reduce the aerial effect.

Fisiowarm tecar therapy is designed to offer the highest possible therapeutic efficiency using a low-voltage system and isolation from the power network, thereby ensuring the highest safety standards together with extraordinary energy transfer.

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