Is price your only consideration when making the right choice?!

Of course, you base your decision on VALUE FOR MONEY, but are you sure you know all the parameters you should be assessing to make the right choice?!

Most of your colleagues find themselves having to defend a decision based on emotions or after having been reeled in by a salesperson… LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS!

Contact a colleague who already uses it and ask for their opinion –

As you know, it is an instrument that a PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE cannot do without. It is not a cure-all, and of course you know this too. Today, leaving aside the purists who only believe in manual therapy, modern use of technology in physiotherapy is based on therapeutic integration.

Accessories are what make the difference today! TECAR IS NOT A METHOD, it is a tool for enhancing the

THERAPEUTIC PERFORMANCE of the PHYSIOTHERAPIST, whatever their therapeutic approach. MANUAL THERAPY, FASCIAL THERAPY and OSTEOPATHY can be made more effective if supported by the right technology and innovative, high-performance accessories!

DISCOVER THE WORLD OF FISIOWARM and ask to try it in your clinic with all the accessories!

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