How many times have you had to turn away to adjust a parameter during treatment, removing your attention from the patient? How many times have you had to stretch awkwardly over the couch?

Getting up, turning and moving awkwardly during treatment are all poorly perceived by patients. In fact, after a proper assessment and correct choice of therapy, the treatment should be performed as seamlessly as possible, both as regards the technique and methods.

Wireless control via tablet and smartwatch ensures continuity of treatment and complete freedom of movement for the physiotherapist.

The tablet can be positioned according to the type of application (e.g. on the couch next to the patient) and offers the practicality of real-time monitoring of all the feedback data. In fact, thanks to the app, professionals can benefit from the support of an intelligent and dynamic assistance system, without ever having their focus distracted from the patient.

The smartwatch makes it possible to check the session parameters simply and immediately, even when performing treatments in difficult logistical situations, where the “device-patient-physiotherapist” arrangement is not ideal.

FISIOWARM is fully controlled by the dedicated app, meaning that the system can be continually updated. You can receive all the software updates, with the latest guidelines and application methods, for a product that is always in step with the innovations proposed by the company. Simply connect the tablet to Wi-Fi to receive all the updates. And there is more!

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