Today, we’ll talk about runners. The tissues of professional runners (not occasional runners) undergo continuous stress and several injuries over time, which lead to structural changes.

For example, if we analyse the Achilles tendon of a runner, we’ll notice significant internal changes. We can often find fat infiltration and scar tissue too.

The tecar therapy Fisiowarm 7.0 can help with common runners’ injuries.

  • Glutes
  • Tensor fasciae latae and iliotibial band
  • Tibialis anterior
  • Peroneal compartment

In this area, symptoms usually manifest while running and tend to worsen gradually. When we run, glutes stabilise our stance and pelvis. Two types of pain can manifest in this area:

  • Local pain
  • Referred pain

In the event of local pain, we can treat the muscle using the capacitive bipolar electrode for 10 minutes. We’ll use a frequency of 300 kHz to reach the target tissue. Then, we’ll use the Profile resistive bipolar electrode for 10 minutes at 500 kHz.

In the event of referred pain, we’ll have to understand what is causing the symptom, analysing posture, muscles, asymmetries, spine, knees, and feet. Once we find the pain’s cause, we should treat both areas.

The tensor fasciae latae muscle plays an essential role in running, as it assists the gluteus maximus in stabilisation during the stance phase. Conditions may develop in its initial portion, origin and vastus, and in the iliotibial band. Dull pain manifests already after a few kilometres.

If the pain is at the origin, we’ll use the Neutro Dinamico electrode for 10 minutes at 500 kHz. This way, we can easily manage the treatment and change the position of the patient’s leg to incorporate stretching or positioning techniques. 

In the event of pain in the iliotibial band, we’ll use the Profile resistive bipolar electrode on the affected area. We can also incorporate Cyriax manual therapy techniques into the treatment.

Tibialis anterior

The tibialis anterior muscle plays an essential role in the initial contact with the ground, during the swing phase, and footstrike in the running gait cycle.

Its functions make it the strongest dorsiflexor of the foot. Pain can manifest due to footwear malfunctions. In such cases, the treatment is divided into two parts:

  • a capacitive bipolar treatment at 300 kHz for 10 minutes on the muscle belly followed by a
  • resistive bipolar treatment using the Profile electrode for 10 minutes at 500 kHz.
tecarterapia manipolo intimity

An injury in this area will result in swelling and ankle pain.

These injuries cause immediate pain that makes it impossible to train. In such cases, we have two options. We can treat the peroneal compartment alone, using the Profile resistive bipolar electrode at 300 kHz for 10 minutes. Otherwise, we can opt for a more global approach, using the resistive unipolar electrode for 10 minutes at 500 kHz.

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