For 20 years, every day, we innovate and do research to provide an increasingly preformed electromedical apparatus, mode of increasingly effective emissions and accessories that enhance your treatments.

Everything has achieved important results in an atmosphere of shared growth, but this was not enough, and so THE ACADEMY.


Italy is the first user in the world of equipment for Tecartherapy.

It physiotherapy treatment as prescribed by doctors and dispensed by most physical therapy centers. We have collected, in over 10 years, the most effective ways to use Tecartherapy, in association with other methods such as manual therapy and functional rehabilitation.

AIT offers, young physiotherapists and to all those who want to integrate Tecartherapy with other methods, a precise selection of applications that can be used effectively on the patient. The model of treatment starts from the evaluation board AIT that will allow you to have quickly an accurate clinical picture, to know what tests to make, isolate the source of the symptoms and immediately put into practice a specific treatment.

No moret therapies made to “iron”!

The Tecartherapy is a methodology with little scientific evidence but thousands and thousands of satisfied patients and the electromedical market again with new business proposals demonstrates unequivocally that it is well established in the treatment of orthopedic disorders and more.

And then deny the fact that the heat therapy produces effects in biological tissues is unintelligent.


The AIT training program aims to bring the physical therapist to use the FisioWarm system with the integration of manual therapy techniques, osteopathic and functional rehabilitation.
The Tecartherapy can in fact improve the effectiveness of several manual techniques commonly used in physiotherapy. The integration of this high-tech system, manual therapy , osteopathy, functional rehabilitation, creates an effective treatment model, already demonstrated by the numerous EBP (Evidence Best Practice) of thousands of colleagues across Italy.

In AIT we condensed the Italian experience in the use of Tecartherapy in conjunction with the technical basic Anglo-Saxon manuals, osteopathic techniques not manipulative and sports rehabilitation.