In Physics, magnitude, frequency and waveform are the main parameters that describe the characteristics of an undulatory electrical signal.

In the early days of Diathermy, the rudimentary technologies available only allowed for the relative simplistic generation of sine waveforms; for many years since then the most widespread waveform in tecartherapy has been the sine wave.

Generated with increasingly modern and efficient circuitry, it has been made possible to vary its frequency and magnitude with ease, and so adapt to the various types of care.

Thanks to the AAA technology, Fisiowarm® 7.0 generates a self-adaptive wave: the signal continuously and automatically adapts to the tissues according to their impedance and the intensity set by the operator.

The signal waveform in the electrotherapeutic field decisively characterizes its behaviour.

Fisiowarm 7.0 shapes the output waveform by optimizing its behaviour in dependence upon the type of treatment you choose and the level of output you set:

Applying low voltage levels

Fisiowarm 7.0 sets a waveform in favour of the electrical level (bio-stimulation) rather than the energy level (thermal effect), so reducing to less than half of the nominal level.

In addition, at low output levels, a special filter adapts the harmonic spectrum of the signal according to the patient’s impedance characteristics, so increasing its effectiveness.


Applying High voltage levels

As the output level increases, Fisiowarm 7.0 changes the waveform by increasing its thermal effectiveness with respect to the electric level and so achieving greater comfort and safety, even if at the same time delivering ever greater amounts of energy.

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