Neutro Dinamico®

Thanks to the Neutro Dinamico® system, therapists can direct the energy along new routes and different paths during the same treatment. The dedicated accessories in the Neutro Dinamico® range allow therapists to move around the patient’s body and channel the energy with their own hands, creating alternative routes and allowing intuitive and direct treatment of areas that were dif cult to access until now, with dynamism and new levels of ef ciency. The new handpieces with 60° grip feature an ergonomic, lightweight design, making the treatment process more comfortable for therapists and ensuring even more natural movement of the electrode on the patient.

Our ideas and our products are patented, then original and unique.

Fixed Automatic

The electrodes of the fixed automatic kit, applied to the patient with the right ratio of contact surface, can have the function of active electrode or neutral electrode.

In this way is not only possible to take advantage to the most of the dynamism of the patient, but the therapist has also the advantage of being able to choose whether to accompany the patient on proprioceptive exercises with both hands free, or support a single handpiece. This means more dynamism, more comfort, more effectiveness.



The bipolar electrode Profile encloses in a single structure the two active/neutral electrodes.

In the specific pathologies of soft tissues, especially in tendinitis, the best results are experienced with applications as close as possible to of the lesion or inflammation area. In particular, the treatment of the shoulders and the upper limb is made extremely easy by this kind of application.

Fisiowarm® has developed a resistive bipolar electrode equipped with movable heads which can move around the patient’s body, accompanying the movements of the operator and faithfully following the contours of the application zone, making the application easier for the operator and more pleasant for the patient.


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