Conductive cream for tecar therapy Fisiowarm

FISIOWARM: Redefining Excellence in Tecar Therapy

Discover the features that make the difference

Welcome to a new era in physiotherapy treatments with Fisiowarm Cream, where meticulous care for your patients’ skin meets an advanced formulation.

Our cream is designed to optimize the effectiveness of Tecar therapy, ensuring maximum conductivity while fully respecting the delicacy of the skin. 

Key Features

  1. Gently Scented: A relaxing fragrance that enhances the therapeutic experience for the patient.
  2. Optimal Consistence: Designed for smooth and effortless application, facilitating the movement of the electrodes during treatment.
  3. Higher Performance: Requires only a minimal amount for each treatment, ensuring high efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Enhanced Conductivity: Ensures superior performance in Tecar therapy, optimizing treatment results.

Our exclusive formulation ensures that the cream remains consistently effective throughout the treatment session.

Fisiowarm Cream is versatile and safe in every application.

Ideal also for manual treatments

Tecar therapy treatment with Fisiopwarm Cream

Usage Instructions

  1. Preparation: Ensure the patient’s skin is intact, clean, and dry before application.
  2. Application: Apply Fisiowarm Cream to the treatment area. This facilitates and improves contact and the smooth movement of the electrode during treatment.
  3. During Treatment: Continuously monitor to ensure that the cream remains between the electrode and the patient’s skin for optimal results.

Tip for Physiotherapists

Always ensure there is a layer of cream between the electrode and the patient’s skin.

You’ll find that it has exceptional longevity and rarely needs reapplication.

Tecar Therapy facelift Beauty treatment

FISIOWARM CREAM: Conductive Cream for Diathermy

    Fisiowarm Cream is not just a product; it is a commitment to excellence in physiotherapy treatments. With each application, you are assured of the highest standards of quality and performance, dedicated to enhancing your practice.

    Embrace the superior performance of Fisiowarm Cream, where each drop is designed to support and elevate your practice.

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    Product Specifications

      Packaging: Available in 1000 ml (33.81 fl. oz.) bottles.

      Manufacturing Details: Produced in Italy by Golden Star Srl, Via Enrico Pallini, 9, 00149 Rome (IT).

      Made in Italy


        • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
        • Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy
        • Sports Rehabilitation


          To avoid compromising the warranty of accessories, it is essential to use Fisiowarm devices with their corresponding accessories, including Fisiowarm Cream. It can also be used with other devices and for manual massages, offering versatility and safety in every application.