Intimity Gel for tecar therapy treatment with endoprobes

The gentle touch for the well-being of the pelvic floor

With Fisiowarm INTIMITYGEL, science meets nature
to offer an unprecedented wellness experience

Carefully designed for endovaginal treatments, this hypoallergenic gel is the perfect companion for the comfort of your patients.

Our advanced formula uses natural plant-based ingredients and is Gluten Free and Vegan, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Calendula, and Vitamin E, ensuring the utmost respect for your patients’ needs.

Discover how INTIMITY GEL can significantly improve the treatment experience with Tecar therapy.

Strengths of Intimity Gel

  1. Protection and Well-being: Safeguards vulvovaginal mucosa, improving trophism and offering a lasting comfort sensation.


  2. Excellent Lubrication: Facilitates pelvic floor treatments with Intimity probes, making the experience more comfortable and pleasant.


  3. Deep Hydration: Promotes the restoration of natural compactness and elasticity of the mucosa, maintaining constant and safe intimacy.

Fisiowarm INTIMITYGEL is versatile and safe in every application.

Ideal also for manual treatments

Intimity gel for probes

Advantages of using Intimity Gel

  1. Easy Application: Applying an adequate amount of gel to the probe before use ensures even distribution and immediate comfort. This makes treatments more efficient and enjoyable.


  2. Universal Compatibility: Perfectly safe with condoms and covers, INTIMITYGEL is designed to integrate without problems in any situation, offering maximum safety and comfort during physiotherapy sessions.


  3. Easy Removal: Thanks to its water-soluble formulation, INTIMITYGEL is easy to remove without staining, not greasy, and can be completely wiped off the skin with a simple wipe, ensuring continuous comfort and quick cleaning.

Tecar Therapy facelift Beauty treatment

The perfect combination of science and nature for intimate wellness

    Fisiowarm INTIMITYGEL is more than just a simple gel. It is a guarantee of comfort and protection in endovaginal treatments.

    Trust science and nature to take care of your patients’ intimacy like never before.

    Fisiowarm INTIMITYGEL is gluten-free and vegan, ensuring the utmost respect for all the needs of your patients.

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    Product Specifications

      Produced in Italy by Golden Star Srl, Via Enrico Pallini, 9, 00149 Rome (IT).

      Made in Italy


        To avoid compromising the warranty of accessories, it is essential to use Fisiowarm devices with their corresponding accessories, including Fisiowarm Cream. It can also be used with other devices and for manual massages, offering versatility and safety in every application.