Fisiowarm App Major Update Release V11.0

Version notes

Fisiowarm 11.0 is an important update for the Fisiowarm app. The app has been revised in full. As well as having eradicated several bugs, the updated version also includes numerous new functions, some of which have been specially requested by users.

The new app expands the possibilities for using Fisiowarm tecar therapy thanks to an improved operating screen and simplified routine procedures.

Some of the most important innovations are listed below:

  1. Product Registration

The convenient “show password” option now features on the registration data entry screen.

  1. Invitation to connect a Google account

A Google account is very important in order to keep your Fisiowarm app and tablet constantly up-to-date.

  1. QR code reading

It is now always possible to scan another QR code, perhaps so as to connect a second device to the same tablet without having to “cancel data”.

  1. Customised Protocol Backup

A new backup function (IMPORT/EXPORT) for saved protocols.

  1. Greater operating stage management flexibility

All the parameters of the current operating stage can be amended in real time and a set operating phase can be skipped either manually or in the protocols.

  1. Parameters for set and customised protocols

The summary of the main operating parameters now includes a TRANSFER (Capacitive/Resistive) entry.

  1. PUSH notification implementation

A window has been added to the homepage for automatic technical and commercial notifications, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest news.

  1. New pulsed mode

The new mode makes the pulsed mode more accessible at low power (P<40%) by alternating the selected power level with real output ‘switch off’.

As a safety measure and in order to prevent excessively wide pulses, the ‘minimum’ level is always associated with the set level and kept within stable parameters in the event of higher power levels (P>40%).

  1. 3D ANATOMY app

The tablet supplied with the Fisiowarm machine comes with a sophisticated 3D anatomy app. The “3D Anatomy” link will be present on the Fisiowarm app homepage and will launch the Visible Body ORG app directly if it is already on the tablet, or will bring up a link for purchasing the Retail version from the store.

To obtain the Visible Body, Human Anatomy Atlas Org. version supplied free of charge by the retailer, you need to request a licence and provide your Fisiowarm registration number. You can then download the app from the store by searching for “Human Anatomy Atlas ORG.” and selecting the app with the icon show, or directly via the following link:

IMPORTANT! This app is not an integral part of Fisiowarm, but is supplied as a “one-off bonus”. The licence you obtain can therefore only be used once, on a single device. If the app is removed or the tablet is reset after installation, the licence provided will no longer be valid and you will need to purchase a new one from the store.

Operating screen


The main updates are here, on the operating screen. Those who are already fairly experienced at using the machine will soon find their way around and will be able to benefit from the numerous useful indications now provided by Fisiowarm.

A change of paradigm

Rules based on abstract values, unrelated to effective operating parameters and only allowing for approximate interpretation, have had their day. The new operating screen has been designed to offer full control over the machine’s real parameters, so as to develop a new awareness and knowledge of the processes involved in tecar therapy. Once you have got used to it, you will find it difficult to do without it!

Power adjustment bar

Improvements have been made to the adjustment bar graphics, making it more user-friendly. The output level increase is now more moderate in the first half of the scale and more decisive in the second half, making it easier to manage the output.

The most obvious innovation is that the numerical percentage scale has gone: the adjustment bar now shows the real output level in rms voltage*. This parameter is therefore an absolute value, which is not linked to the frequency, mode or transfer type, and is above all independent from patient impedance.

This value will be a solid foundation upon which to construct the treatment protocols.

Note: compared to the previous version of the app, we recommend using the adjustment bar position as a quick visual reference for the settings.

Output voltage box

Features the output level in rms voltage* set using the adjustment bar.

Instantaneous power box

This box shows a real-time calculation of the effective power output transferred from the machine to the patient. The level is expressed in rms wattage*, offering an important and reliable assessment and management parameter when performing the various therapies.

Transferred energy box

This box shows the overall amount of energy effectively transferred to the patient.

It is expressed in joules and is easy to use when creating optimised protocols, freed from approximate settings such as treatment time. For those who use laser therapy in addition to tecar therapy, the protocols expressed in joules will make it easier to combine the two treatment types.

Energy transfer bar

The energy transfer bar indicates the level of energy transferred to the patient in relation to the available output energy. It is a qualitative parameter and offers a quick overview of the efficiency of the machine-electrodes-cream-patient system.

Compared to the previous versions, the readings are more accurate and realistic, meaning that therapists can make better assessments:

– Readings that are generally over the middle point of the bar indicate optimum performance and good contact with the patient

– Readings at the top of the scale indicate patient impedance of less than 100 Ohm. In these cases caution is advised due to the increased risk of hyperthermia

– Readings below the middle point of the scale indicate non-optimum contact between the electrodes and the patient or work on bony or poorly vascularized areas.

Summary graphs

A number of Cartesian summary graphs will be presented at the end of the treatment process, relating to the machine’s key parameters. These are very useful for a quick assessment of the session that has just ended.

* rms (root mean square) or effective voltage/wattage: effective measurement of the parameter, independent of wavelength or frequency.