Tecarterapia Fisiowarm Octopus

An innovative system comprising 8 Contour electrodes in Kapton, gold plated for maximum conductivity. The electrodes adapt by perfectly adhering to the patient’s skin.

The technological characteristics of Octopus allow operators to position the electrodes – of different sizes – in a specific way over the target area, optimizing the release of energy in unipolar mode (with neutral plate) or bipolar mode (without neutral plate).

This versatile system can be used in association with kinesiotherapy, functional rehabilitation, as well as in “non operator dependent” mode.

Sistema octopus/Contour per Tecarterapia Fisiowarm
Tecarterapia Fisiowarm Yuri

Thanks to the brand-new YURI user interface, you can have a full set of interactive presets that can aid your work as a therapist.

Discover why Fisiowarm 7.0 is the ULTIMATE tecar therapy device on the marketplace!

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