Fisiowarm® represents a technological revolution on the current tecartherapy market

Fisiowarm®: the Golden Star’s flagship product

The Fisiowarm® range stands out from its predecessors, primarily because of its hi-tech approach that takes the needs of both the therapist and the patient into consideration. Fisiowarm® includes a tablet with an Android app, which is easy and practical to use. Its numerous functions meet the most diverse requirements, making the most of all the advantages that a hi-tech tool such as this is able to offer: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, new releases, new apps, and an interactive design.
The new Fisiowarm® devices feature an elegant, sophisticated and innovative design. Italian craftsmen are entrusted with the quality control operations and the assembly of all the internal components, resulting in a surprisingly effective, light, compact and reliable tool, with an attractive design.

The handpieces, connection cables and electrodes are also assembled and checked individually.

The appliance can be operated in parallel by two control systems: a remote one – the tablet – and one on the front of the machine, where a resistive panel with LED backlighting and soft-touch controls makes it possible to display and control the essential operating functions. Both the systems have been designed to meet all the requirements of the professional during treatment.
The machine–tablet communication takes place via Bluetooth. The two devices dialogue constantly and continuously, transferring commands and organising the feedback data.

In standard tecartherapy devices very high power is used during treatments with capacitive electrodes, such as 800-1000 Volt, in order the current can overpass the electrode dielectric barrier (insulating film).

The new Fisiowarm® devices can supply energy by using a different interaction among electric fields, by taking into consideration the condenser’s model but avoiding the use of high voltage (less than 200 Volt).

Fisiowarm® has designed some special low-voltage capacitive electrodes with a proportional capacity. The external surface that comes into contact with the skin reveals some distinct areas plated in gold, a top-quality and biocompatible material. The gold covers the low-voltage capacitive electrical circuits speci c to each area. Each individual circuit contributes to making the energy transmission “proportional” on the basis of the effective area of skin-electrode contact, resulting in a safe and comfortable application. The capacitive bipolar electrodes feature the same construction technology as the capacitive unipolar electrodes, but unlike the latter they incorporate the neutral and active in concentric circular areas.

Furthermore Fisiowarm® has been designed so that the closing of electric circuits occurs exclusively between the two electrodes without dispersion towards another mass.

This results in an exceptional advantage in terms of operator/patient safety:

  1. No risks from contact with conductive bodies
  2. Optimal energy transfer
  3. The operator is not affected by energy dispersion, even when making contact with the patient during treatment
  4. No electrical discharge caused by the “non-contact / contact” between the electrode and the patient