Our constant research and development of new technologies for the safety of therapists and patients has characterized the Production of Fisiowarm since its very first introduction onto the market.

Fisiowarm was the first to eliminate the risk of shocks and accidental burns thanks to the implementation of low voltage circuits also for capacitive transfer, thanks to recently introduced technological solutions Fisiowarm has even passed the most stringent electrical safety tests provided for Class B (home use) which provides additional safety guarantee for patients and operators.

  • Fully screened electronics and special construction technology capable of limiting the “antenna effect”: the construction technique of Fisiowarm 7.0 incorporates solutions that minimize internal wiring thus almost entirely eliminating the “antenna” effect generated by connecting cables, in addition all the electronics are enclosed within a metal shield.

  • Specialised cables: The connection between the device and the patient comes via specialised cables purposefully designed to shield the signal, last a long time, and maintain elasticity and shape thanks to the absence of the memory effect.

  • Self-adaptive signal (Performance & Compliance): The output signal is automatically modulated according to the output voltage of the impedance and the type of emission, and is studied in order to avoid energy accumulations that would result in radio frequency disturbances.

  • Floating patient circuit: the patient being treated with Fisiowarm 7.0 is in ‘full floatation’, meaning that under no circumstances is there any connection between the patient and the feeding circuit (electrical system).

Capacitivo a basso voltaggio

Specialised capacitive electrodes made with low voltage circuits specific to different contact areas.

External surfaces coated in gold (1 micron) with high conductivity and biocompatibility.

The transmission of energy is proportional to the effective skin-electrode surface of contact, for a safe and comfortable application.

Discover why Fisiowarm 7.0 is the ULTIMATE tecar therapy device on the marketplace!

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