Myofascial Electrodes

The new Fisiowarm IASTM for tear therapy

Fisiowarm introduces the new multifunctional IASTM tools for myofascial manual therapy. Used as electrodes, in association with Fisiowarm, they have the extraordinary possibility of having a bio-stimulant which is effect greatly amplified at every stage of work and treatment.

They offer three levels of action:

  • Mechanical

On the adhesions of the fibers that limit the movement of the different slip planes.

On the Fibrosis nodules deposited within the intermuscular septums often resulting from haematomas

  • Circulatory

Hyperemia and vasodilation

Thermo-mechanical stimulation

Histamine Release

  • Reflective

Trigger Point



Myofascial Treatments

By clicking on the treatment you can find out more details. The ones presented here are just a few of the presets available on the Fisiowarm 7.0 app

Thanks to the brand-new YURI user interface, you can have a full set of interactive presets that can aid your work as a therapist.

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