The new Intimity Probes

INTIMITY Treatments

The new Intimity probes for Fisiowarm Tecarterapia Therapy

The rehabilitation of the pelvic floor aims to improve perineal performance to better allow its functions of supporting the internal pelvic organs and sphincter reinforcement.

The electrodes specifically dedicated to the treatment of pathologies and dysfunctions of the pelvic region are intracavitary probes.

The application possibilities offered by Fisiowarm are many: localized and targeted internal applications and external applications in the pubic area with automatic static kit and neutral plate in the sacral area in combination with exercises and manual therapy.

By clicking on the treatment you can find out more details. The ones presented here are just a few of the presets available on the Fisiowarm 7.0 app

Tecarterapia Fisiowarm Yuri

Thanks to the brand-new YURI user interface, you can have a full set of interactive presets that can aid your work as a therapist.

Discover why Fisiowarm 7.0 is the ULTIMATE tecar therapy device on the marketplace!

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