Neutro dinamico Electrode


The Neutro Dinamico® configuration allows you to mobilise both poles (neutral/active) : the plate, instead of standing still on a fixed body area of reference, becomes a hand piece that can be held by the therapist to follow the treatment.

With this system, you can treat a muscle segment accurately from origin to insertion and work with more effective geometries without any dispersion of energy in other areas.

Accessories come in two versions: handheld and handpiece with a series of three-sized steel electrodes.

The handheld Neutro Dinamico®  version is a special electrode that fits in the palm of the hand with a larger surface area than the other supplied electrodes, allowing the operator to move on the patient’s body by offering the active electrode different geometric references to the “mobile neutral”.


Finally, you can steer the energy using your own hands to create custom paths.

Differently, The Neutro Dinamico® handpiece version is a mirror image of the unipolar handpiece that comes with a series of 3 different-sized electrodes to create the peculiar treatment geometries.

The Neutro Dinamico® system allows you to hold two electrodes enabling for example, to treat a joint in a specific deep targeted way. All this because you are free to carry out mobilization or exercises with the patient not being fixed to the bed by the presence of the plate.

Thanks to FISIOWARM you have the opportunity to work either by using preset protocols or in complete operational freedom.

By clicking on the treatment you can find out more details. The ones presented here are just a few of the presets available on the Fisiowarm 7.0 app

Tecarterapia Fisiowarm Yuri

Thanks to the brand-new YURI user interface, you can have a full set of interactive presets that can aid your work as a therapist.

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