Tecartherapy: giving a new lease of life to tissue metabolism
Heat has been used to treat a wide range of disorders for a great many years: it provides relief in chronic, traumatic and inflammatory conditions, it increases the blood flow, thereby improving cell nutrition and oxygenation and speeding up the elimination of toxins, it improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, it reduces joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms, and it facilitates the reabsorption of haematoma and oedema.


The application of an electrical field of appropriate power, frequency and wavelength to biological tissue, supplies energy to the underlying layers, restoring the chemical and electrical balance negatively affected by the disorder being treated. This is the theory behind its use in physiotherapy. Every single cell is involved in the regenerative tissue function as a result of morphological, chemical and chemical-electrical interactions.

By providing immediate relief to the inflamed or injured area, the thermal action clears the way for mechanical action, which can then persist for longer and more deeply. Moreover, contrary to the therapeutic indications of traditional methods, sessions can even be repeated within a short space of time, without the risk of interfering with the tissue.

The new Fisiowarm® devices are capable of supplying energy by utilising a different form of interaction between electrical fields, inspired by the physical model of the condenser but without using high voltage. There are multiple, customisable transfer modes characterised primarily by the fact that the heat is generated directly within the tissues, thus succeeding in treating disorders that were previously inaccessible. The tissues are perfused with energy deep down, without any form of energy being projected directly through the surface of the skin.

Therapeutic Indications

The vasodilation achieved with the heat causes an increase in the exchanges of substances that encourage the drainage of the inflamed site and the local influx of cells responsible for repair processes.

It can be applied in the following circumstances:


Tecartherapy in cosmetic medicine

The heat generated by the electrodes fosters the chemical reactivation of the tissue, enabling it to start breathing again. It is no coincidence that tecar therapy has been found to be highly effective in the field of cosmetic medicine. Thanks to its reoxygenation ability, it helps to repair the skin, clear up post-acne scars and firm up the skin of the face and body.

It is a non-invasive solution for the treatment of cellulite. By increasing the speed of the blood flow, it generates an increase in oxygen production that boosts the metabolism and the elimination of toxins, thereby reducing inflammation.

Fisiowarm 7.0 – The ultimate tecartherapy

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