Creme e gel per tecarterapia

Specific Gel and cream for tecar therapy

The new Fisiowarm products ensure the maximum conductivity for Tecar therapy treatments while fully respecting the softness of the skin.

The Hypo-allergenic gel contains Hyalurinic acid, Aloe, Marigold, Vitamin E and moisturising agents that protects the vulvovaginal mucosa and improve trophism. Acts as a lubricant to boost the comfort and the efficacy of pelvic floor treatment with the intimity probes, and as an intimate moisturiser, helping to restore the natural compactness and elasticity of the mucosa.

Neutral conductive cream made from 99% raw materials and 1% materials permitted by the main natural certification regulations. Specifically studied to aid the capacitive and resistive treatment of sensitive skin and delicate areas of the body. Its particular consistency helps electrodes to glide smoothly even over poorly moisturised skin, thus making the operator’s tasks easier and optimising results.

Both cream and gel are compatible with Fisiowarm accessories.

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